Search and Consultation Services

Using DNA for a birth family search requires patience, logic and perseverance. Many adoptees and those with unknown parentage have learned to use DNA to successfully identify their birth families and other unknown relatives by taking DNA classes and accessing online groups and resources, See our RESOURCES page to learn more.

For those struggling to sort out their DNA results, who have more difficult searches or just do not have the time available to complete their own search, we offer both expert consultation for individuals who are learning to search on their own, as well full-service searching services.

Each search is different. The amount of time a search will require and the odds of success depend largely on the number and proximity the DNA relatives an individual matches. Additional DNA testing for suspected family members may be advisable to confirm or clarify relationships with possible birth family members.

At GenePeace, we work with adoptees and those searching to tailor a search plan that meets your needs and desires. We have helped adoptees who hope for openness and reunion. We have also helped adoptees who want answers without contact. Throughout your search process, you will work closely with your searcher to make decisions about contact, privacy and next steps.

Search and reunion can be highly emotional and unpredictable. Even a successful, sensitive search may not result in a happy reunion. When conducting a search, GenePeace draws on years of experience and best practices to help our clients make sound decisions about first contact and navigating initial communication with birth family relatives.

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