How do I start my search?

Before beginning a DNA-based search, request and compile all available documentation including:

• Adoption agency documentation provided at the time of adoption.
• Files related to an adoption from the adoption agency or the state agency that facilitated the adoption. This is commonly referred to as non-identifying information (Non-ID).
• Birth Certificate / Original Birth Certificate (usually from the state where you were born.
• Court records.
• A written compilation of any known details that may provide clues including : Name, age, location, professions and family information. Rumors should be included (but noted as such and considered with a grain of salt).

What DNA Tests should I take?

We suggest you complete the following steps before contacting us about your search:

1.) Ancestry DNA

2.) Once your Ancestry test is complete, upload the raw dna to Family Tree DNA (usually $19) and My Heritage (free).

3.) 23 and Me – Ancestry test, health is optional and unnecessary for searching.

4.) You should also create a free account and upload your raw data to GEDMatch.com. You only need to upload one kit to GEDMatch.

Depending on your results, it may be suggested that you complete Y DNA testing (Males only) and/or upload to other testing companies or platforms.

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