Amber Decker is a genetic genealogist who specializes in DNA searching for adoptees, donor-conceived individuals, those with unknown parents or missing family members.

Amber is a parent to one biological daughter and one daughter adopted from China. When her daughter was almost five years old, Amber conducted her first successful search: she located her daughter’s biological family, one of the first international adoptive families to do so in China. The beauty of her daughter’s reunion led Amber to help adoptees and their families search. After locating several Chinese birth families and identifying an adoptee as her daughter’s biological relative through DNA testing, Amber began exploring the use of DNA for birth family searching by working with adoptees born in the U.S.

With years of experience and many successful U.S.-based searches, Amber brings her passion for answers and love of solving DNA puzzles to her work as a professional genetic genealogist and birth family searcher at GenePeace DNA Search Consulting. Using a combination of DNA testing and traditional search techniques, Amber has successfully reunited many families who had little or no documentation to use as a starting point. Understanding that the emotions of individuals on all sides of a search can effect success of a reunion, discretion and sensitivity are her priorities.


A strong advocate of education, openness and reunification, Amber speaks nationally about DNA testing for domestic and international adoptees, international birth family search and open international adoption. She has presented at Pact Camp East, Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, the Coalition of Adoptive Families and with local adoption organizations and agencies.  Amber is also the founder of the Asia Adoption DNA facebook group to help educate Asian adoptees and their families about the possibilities and limitations of DNA testing. Amber is a member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG).

You can reach Amber at: GenePeaceDNA@gmail.com